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"In the moment" Hard Enamel Pin

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What's the symbolism: The icon in the pin represents bird-eye view of a person standing. The circle in the middle is the head and the oval is the shoulders.

When to use: when you feel like your mind is wandering, you have a hard time focusing, you find your mind racing and going in circles, you feel overwhelmed

Suggested associations: you might want to associate this pin with some grounding exercises or your favorite awareness meditation.

Mantras/Affirmations: I am here. I am present.

"Very bright and shiny!"

This enamel pin is even more beautiful in person! Very bright and shiny. Came with very nice packaging and a lovely mindfulness card.


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  • Meaningful

    Each peace has been designed with a powerful affirmation in mind.

  • Premium Quality

    Our jewelry goes through elaborate quality checks to make sure you receive only the best quality product.

  • Visual Meditation

    Can be used for visual and tactile meditation throughout the day.

  • Stress Relief

    Meant to reduce stress and anxiety by acting as a mindfulness cue.