👋 Hi, I'm Katya

I'm the Founder and the creative designer behind Thirty Todays. It's nice to meet you.

My journey to mindfulness

Thirty Todays started when I was looking for a way to help reduce anxiety throughout the day. It was 2019 and I just came back to work after my maternity leave and was feeling excited and slightly lost at the same time.

I thought...

If only I could have something on me throughout the day that would remind me to take deep breaths and practice short exercises.

💡Jewelry, of course!

I launched my first pin collection on Kickstarter to prove my idea that jewelry can become a great way to create mindfulness cues.

In 30 days the campaign raised over $2000.

What Makes Our Jewerly Different

  • Mindfulness Cues

    Each peace has been designed with a powerful affirmation in mind.

  • Visual Meditation

    Can be used for visual and tactile meditation throughout the day.

  • Stress Relief

    Meant to reduce stress and anxiety by acting as a mindfulness cue.

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