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"Breathe" Hard Enamel Pin

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Breathing is an essential part of any mindfulness, meditation or yoga practice. When we are tense we forget to breathe properly which causes a lack of oxygen in the body and prevents us from being able to focus and relax. Sometimes just three deep breaths can help you refocus.

What's the symbolism:  Each of the three circles represents a breath. The three circles are meant to help you remember to take deep breaths throughout the day and not only during your dedicated meditation practice. You might also choose to think about this as a funnel that you look into, taking your breaths deeper each time.

When to use: it's a good practice to focus on your breath throughout the day, but you might find that there are times you particularly need to go through this short exercise - whenever you need to let go, refocus or calm down. This pin is also great to use in combination with other ones.

How to think about it: Let all of your thoughts go, just focus on your breath. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and breathe it out. Repeat three times. Try to extend and deepen your breath each time a little more. Or associate it with your favorite breathing exercises.

Mantras/Affirmations: Breathe in. Breathe out.

"Very bright and shiny!"

This enamel pin is even more beautiful in person! Very bright and shiny. Came with very nice packaging and a lovely mindfulness card.


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  • Meaningful

    Each peace has been designed with a powerful affirmation in mind.

  • Premium Quality

    Our jewelry goes through elaborate quality checks to make sure you receive only the best quality product.

  • Visual Meditation

    Can be used for visual and tactile meditation throughout the day.

  • Stress Relief

    Meant to reduce stress and anxiety by acting as a mindfulness cue.